Home Decor,Coach belt, Burlap pillows, Oh My!

Today’s blog post is much similar to the last two blogs editions we posted as of late. Quick Rundown

Coach belt-$2.00

Meditation Figurine $1.10

2 Burlap decor pillows -Free

A meditation figurine – $1.10

Small burlap rug- $3.00

One clothing piece that will have to wait to worn when the weather cools once again. $3.00

Bracelet trio- $1.00

Wire basket- $3.25

2 small plates that I intend to place jewelry on.

This is Hollis Eve.

Just Fringe it…

Just a Quickie-


Cost-………………..Just………………$4.25…..FOR BOTH!

Fringe is life for me at the moment- Fringe tops, Fringe accessories and now apparantly Fringe pillows as well.

They are Rock and Roll Chic.

Thrift Travel

My weekend consisted of me meeting up with Paly Bo in Birmingham, Alabama. As per norm we met at a local Thrift entitled Vapor Thrift Store. We found a few interesting pieces of clothing, but as a first we were looking more so for home decor pieces.

I say this as being a first for Paly Bo and I always thrift for clothing. I can not recall a time in our thrifting history that we were more interested in items for each of our homes. I found a neat hand blown owl vase and four charming ceramic coasters that are not going to have an Orange Fanta can on each. I picked them more so for a future DIY project when revamping my office.

Paly picked up a Les Miserables perfectly framed picture. What enticed me about the piece was the photo itself being black and white , but color added to the character of the production. (no photo available).

I was incredibly exhausted so I decided against Vlogging. However, I believe approval to film would not have been granted. It’s a commonly wealthy area so this particular facility price their merchandise accordingly. Unfortunately, this tends to push us out of our safety zone budget wise. While I did state they price their merch accordingly there are pieces that should be value for far less. Typically, I would not pay $8.00 for a Forever 21 blouse at a thrift shop, but again this is gives you an idea of their pricing guidelines.

All that ends well- We each made it home safely and promptly placed our items in their new space. I watched YouTube Thrift Haul videos for a short amount of time then fell heavily asleep.

With that I find myself once again with weight upon my eyes.

Good Evening and as it is -This is Hollis Eve Co.

Oh the Finds

I can not explain the euphoric feeling Paly Bo and I get when we discover something we know has to be our’s. We are not “name brand whores,” as in if we find it fabulous we claim it. However, it being the trend to purchase Vintage Tommy Hilfiger as of late, I cant say I can pass up such a piece when located in a thrift facility. Personally, my favorite rack gems are Lauren Conrad and Jessica Simpson pieces. I enjoy the clean bo-go style of Lauren Conrad and the excellent quality handbags from Jessica Simpson’s line. Today I discovered the latter…

The color is a lavish dark beige and the condition is pristine.

Fashion is fun and thrifting makes it even more exciting. There will be days when you may not purchase one solitary item. However, for us at Hollis that is rare occurence.

This is Hollis Eve.

Give Me Your Style

Hollis Eve Co. Is a Plato’s Closet/Buffalo Exchange type business. However, we do nearly all our buying and selling transactions online. For those who are not familiar with these shopping/buying facilities I will elaborate as to how their concept works. These companies buy clothing from anyone who chooses to bring their unwanted clothing and accessories into one of their many locations across the nation to earn some extra moolah. However, they are particular about the brands and condition of the items they accept. As are we…

How pricing works- The merchandise that an individual brings in normal retail price is reduced by 75% ( the amount you then can or can not choose to accept). They then sell the items they accepted at a substantial amount. For example I took a pair of Brand New still with tags Kate Spade Rainbow Wedges that were in season ( online they were still at worth of 250.00) I was offered $44.00 for them.

We here at Hollis do follow this concept, however we accept Vintage so we are aware of the demand for such elderly pieces. In selling we mark our price far below the competition and when buying we ensure that we will at the very least make a small profit.

Here is an idea of some of the merch that we have purchased and are now selling.

Talbot High Waisted- Vintage Reebok Golf Sweater, Vintage Velour Cloche Hat, 1970’s Vintage Wrap Flower Skirt, Vintage Rod Stewart T-Shirt, 90’s Floral Dress, Cheetah Necklace, Faux Leather Dress, Lion and Peal bracelet (Rue 21),1 Princess Bride T-Shirt, and the last two pics were of pieces we purchased, yet decided to keep.

This is Hollis Eve.